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How to Tell Natural Breasts from Implants

Comments Off on How to Tell Natural Breasts from Implants 01 September 2011

There is no such thing as ‘fake’ boobs. Implants are not natural, but they are very real. They’re just not biodegradable. When it comes to breasts, some prefer natural and homegrown; others want the best modern science has to offer. Whatever your preference, here are eight tips on how to spot the difference.

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15 Not-So-Important Facts About Sex

2 Comments 06 July 2011

In past articles we have presented many facts about sex, some rather important. Now we take a look at the other side of the coin. Here we have the 15 not-so-important facts about sex, presented in this humorous infographic…

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Maximize Her Pleasure Above the Waist

5 Comments 25 April 2011

Any woman knows that most men love breasts. From your stash of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issues to the way you ogle our chests in low-cut tops, it’s obvious that you like to look. So, tell me: If you love breasts so much, why do you so often neglect or manhandle them during sex? The truth is, that while our breasts may be a pleasure to behold, they’re even more of a pleasure to a woman when held and caressed correctly.

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Clever Dick

1 Comment 07 April 2011

Let’s be honest, all guys are a little boasting. One has a larger than the other and vice versa. But this can would be hard to match.

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How Aussies Sell Real Estate

Comments Off on How Aussies Sell Real Estate 15 March 2011

Sexy ladies and a hot house is the scene for the tongue in cheek smiles included this real estate marketing video. One of the best properties in Sovereign Islands, this video is all about entertainment.

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A Detailed Look at Sex Injuries ~ Infographic

1 Comment 17 February 2011

Every year, nearly one-third of Americans experience a sex related injury! As much fun as sex is, it can also be very dangerous. Here’s a detailed look at some of the most common injuries sustained during sex…

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[Funny Video] Spiders on Drugs

1 Comment 10 January 2011

Funny Classic viewed over 25 million times online, what happens when observe spiders under the influence of various drugs.

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Sex = F(un)

3 Comments 29 December 2010

A mathematical proof that Sex is Fun…

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Saturday Night Live: I Just Had Sex

1 Comment 20 December 2010

Lonely Island and Akon sing an anthem for anyone who just had sex.

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Chris Rock on Marriage and Sex [NSFW]

1 Comment 16 December 2010

It’s a classic, but it’s still as funny as it ever was. Although it’s very funny, there is some truth here too. Chris Rock aptly explains what the state of your sex life is like after you’re married…

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Economic Consequences of America’s Morality Police

3 Comments 05 December 2010

Proof that prohibitions do not work is evidenced by the fact that we can’t even keep drugs out of prison. How much more secure can you get than that? Prohibition laws don’t work, they never have worked, and their enforcement costs a lot of money.

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The Sexual Revolution ~ Infographic

3 Comments 12 November 2010

Are we so different? If it wasn’t for the leftover archaic Puritanical societal conventions we still live by, the psychology of sex between the genders would be a moot point. With the gradual lifting of these societal blaners on woman the perceived gap on attitude towards sex is narrowing rapidly.

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