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Is a Barbie Body Possible? (F)

Is a Barbie Body Possible? [infographic]

No Comments 16 April 2013

Our photo-realistic rendering shows just how bizarre a life size Barbie would actually look, and uncovers the impossible physical proportions of the doll idolized as perfection by so many. This infographic illustrates data and diagrams showing the difference in proportions between the famous Mattel Barbie doll and the average U.S. woman have been presented alongside a realistic rendering of the toy.

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beer women cleavage dirndl bavarian beer.jpg

24 things you didn’t know about beer (infographic)

No Comments 09 April 2013

Think you know everything about beer? Think again! The guys at WearYourBeer.com compiled a list of 24 things that would surprise even the most knowledgable beer snob.

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cigar posing lace

Smoke on this: A Cigar Overview (infographic)

No Comments 04 April 2013

An overview of the cigar industry, geography, construction, history, terminology, and famous quotes are all contained in this infographic by TrueTobacco.com

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Coca-Cola, Coke, Pepsi, cola wars, cola, soda

History of the Cola Wars: Coke vs. Pepsi (infographic)

No Comments 25 March 2013

For over a century Coca-Cola and Pepsi have been at each other’s throats in a constant struggle for a bigger piece of the billion-dollar soda market. It’s a legendary brand rivalry.

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Horse cow

Why don’t we eat horse?

No Comments 19 March 2013

Most Americans say they won't eat horsemeat, are appalled by the very idea, and oppose raising horses for food, selling their meat, and slaughtering horses for any reason. However, as you’ll see in this infographic, horsemeat is healthier, cheaper, and tastier than beef.

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A tale of two cows F

A Tale of Two Cows

No Comments 04 March 2013

This infographic uses two cows as a medium for explaining the various types of socio-economic systems around the world. Some are simply true while others, although equally true, are very humorous… especially Greece and New Zealand.

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USA Rosie Jones (500)

Average breast cup size in the world

No Comments 27 February 2013

Trying to decide where to vacation next or looking for a new country to reside? Then you’ll want to check out this infographic, and the linked map, to find out where the women live with your ideal breast size.

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Vintage couple kiss 489

The Importance of the First Kiss

No Comments 12 February 2013

Just how important is that first kiss? No one’s perfect at kissing the first time they try it. Don’t worry, even though it may seem a little awkward. This infographic from eHarmony has a few suggestions to turn that first kiss into one of many.

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30 Shots [Infographic]

No Comments 02 January 2013

Is it an info graphic, or a recipe list? Either way, this poster shows what’s inside 30 of the most popular and iconic shooters. How many have you tried?

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Wine vs Beer (F)

Wine vs. Beer [Infographic]

No Comments 19 December 2012

Besides the enjoyment, there are health benefits to drinking booze. For instance, red wine that is high in tannin contains procyanidins which protect against heart disease. Beer is a significant source of dietary silicon which improves bone density and reduces the risk of osteoporosis. This infographic gives us a closer look at some of the health benefits of drinking, and the actual calories in wine vs. beer.

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The Effect Our Significant Other Has on Our Drinking Habits (F)

The effect relationship status has on drinking habits

No Comments 12 December 2012

While emergence into early adulthood seems to be coupled with a decline in alcohol consumption, there are other surprising factors influencing whether or not you belly up to the bar. In this infographic, you will learn about drinking differences in men and women, as well as how your relationship status influences how much you drink.

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Boozin' F

Boozin’ in the USA [Infographic]

No Comments 06 November 2012

A colorful look at the U.S.’s drinking habits and how we stack up. Booze is part of the American culture. This infographic illustrates some interesting facts about America’s alcohol consumption and rates it against other big boozer countries.

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