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A Large-Scale Study Finds No Link Between Secondhand Smoke And Cancer

Comments Off on A Large-Scale Study Finds No Link Between Secondhand Smoke And Cancer 30 June 2014

A large-scale study found no clear link between secondhand smoke and lung cancer… The study found no statistically significant relationship between lung cancer and exposure to passive smoke.

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Cigar Smoking for Newbies

Comments Off on Cigar Smoking for Newbies 23 April 2014

We get a lot of questions from people who want to learn how to begin cigar smoking. This comprehensive guide is for newbies planning to smoke their first cigar.

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Five Benefits of Cigar Smoking

1 Comment 02 April 2014

There are a lot of reasons to love them good cigars… “What I like most about cigars is simply sitting and talking with other men… Some of the best conversations I’ve ever had with men have been over a cigar.” ~Jim Belushi, Actor

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We Love This Doctor!

Comments Off on We Love This Doctor! 13 September 2013

We interviewed Dr. Ho Lee Chit to learn about his advice on exercise, diet, and health lifestyle. His advice might surprise you.

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Happy Thong Thursday ~ August 8, 2013 (Jordan Carver)

Comments Off on Happy Thong Thursday ~ August 8, 2013 (Jordan Carver) 08 August 2013

Jordan Carver (Ina-Maria Schnitzer) was born on January 30, 1986 (age 27) in Trier, Germany to parents of Italian and German descent. She is a German glamour model and actress based in the United States. We particularly like how Jordan poses with beer, wine, champagne, and cigars, as you’ll see in the following photographs.

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gentleman’s survival kit, survival kit, bourbon, cigars, hatchet, project

The gentleman’s survival kit

2 Comments 01 July 2013

I saw this the other day while surfing the Internet. I thought it was pretty cool and I was going to share it on social media, but before I did I thought I do a greater search for other images. That's when I discover that someone had built an even better one… because everyone knows that a gentleman’s survival kit is not complete without bourbon, cigars and a cutter.

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USA’s oldest veteran credits cigars and whiskey

Comments Off on USA’s oldest veteran credits cigars and whiskey 28 May 2013

Richard Overton (aged 107) passes his time with up to 12 cigars a day and a little whiskey in his morning coffee. The hooch helps keep Overton spry, he said. “I may drink a little in the evening too with some soda water, but that’s it,” he said. “Whiskey’s a good medicine. It keeps your muscles tender.”

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Identifying Counterfeit Cuban Cigars

Comments Off on Identifying Counterfeit Cuban Cigars 06 May 2013

While traveling you may have the urge to smoke a Cuban cigar. After all, Cuban cigars are one of life’s most indulgent luxuries, with production each year falling far short of worldwide demand. The problem is… are you buying a genuine or counterfeit cigar.

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Know your cigars

Comments Off on Know your cigars 18 April 2013

How familiar are you with cigar terminology? Depending on your experience, you may or may not know these terms associated with the size and shapes of cigars. This handy chart by bearingsguide.com illustrates all you need to know about the terms used for cigar sizes and shapes.

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Smoke on this: A Cigar Overview (infographic)

Comments Off on Smoke on this: A Cigar Overview (infographic) 04 April 2013

An overview of the cigar industry, geography, construction, history, terminology, and famous quotes are all contained in this infographic by TrueTobacco.com

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Nine Food Pairings

Comments Off on Nine Food Pairings 18 March 2013

There are some standard foods that are considered a traditional pairing. Food photographer, Kyle Dreier, does a brilliant job of illustrating eight of them here. We couldn’t help ourselves and added the ninth.

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National smoke a Cigar day, Frances Shaw, frankie shaw, cigar, smoke a cigar, cigars

National Smoke a Cigar Day

Comments Off on National Smoke a Cigar Day 06 March 2013

Today, March 6th, is National Smoke a Cigar Day. In response to onerous taxation, the looming threat of over-regulation, and ever-increasing public demonization, we are asking all brothers and sisters of the leaf to join in. It doesn’t matter what stick you choose, just grab one of your favorites and light ‘em up!

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