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7 Reasons All Women Should Masturbate

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1. Improves Body Image: Masturbation gets you learning and knowing your body on a deep, personal level, which leads to appreciating yourself more… And the big plus is learning what feels good to you increases your feeling sexual pleasure with others. 2…

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Health benefits of having lots of sex

2 Comments 31 July 2013

As more research is being done, more discoveries are being made on the importance and benefit of sex. Study after study now links sex to a healthier and longer life. Dr. Irwin Goldstein, the Director of Sexual Medicine at Alvarado Hospital, says, “If you check out the latest research the only conclusion you can make is that it’s healthy to get involved in sexual activity.”

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Orgasm: O So Good For You

3 Comments 17 June 2010

Taking steps to achieve orgasm is well worth it since the psychological and physical benefits of doing so are numerous. The OhMiBod can get you there. Its got rhythm: Plug the colorful, sexy naughtinano by OhMiBod into your ipod–or any MP3 player–and it pulses in sync with the tune you’re hearing.

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Anti-Depressive, Health Benefits, Hormones, Immune System, Live Longer, Stay Younger, Menstrual Cramps, Pain Relief, Prostate & Genitals, Relaxation & Sleep, Sense of Smell, Sex

12 Health Benefits of Having Sex

5 Comments 01 May 2010

Sex is more than a hormonal release and brief pleasure. Modern science has now proven that sex is good for both your physical and mental health. Sex may help you live a longer, happier, and healthier life due to the health benefits. 1. Cut Risks of Life Threatening Attacks In Half A positive sigh of […]

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