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Why don’t we eat horse?

Comments Off on Why don’t we eat horse? 19 March 2013

Most Americans say they won't eat horsemeat, are appalled by the very idea, and oppose raising horses for food, selling their meat, and slaughtering horses for any reason. However, as you’ll see in this infographic, horsemeat is healthier, cheaper, and tastier than beef.

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Happiness: What Is It & How Do You Get It?

2 Comments 01 December 2010

Philosophers, authors and poets fill volumes on the subject of happiness. Some people seem to live their entire lives in a state of blissful happiness, while happiness seems to elude others. The founding fathers of the United States of America believed happiness was important enough to include its mention in the Declaration of Independence. They declared that the “pursuit of Happiness” was an “unalienable Right.” But what is happiness?

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Health Benefits, Laughter, Pictures

Don’t Age Too Fast

Comments Off on Don’t Age Too Fast 17 September 2010

We don’t stop laughing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop laughing!

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Health Benefits, Laughter

Laughter Affects Body Like Exercise

Comments Off on Laughter Affects Body Like Exercise 27 April 2010

Benefits associated with exercise — improved cholesterol and blood pressure, decreased stress hormones, a strengthened immune system and a healthy appetite — can be attained with regular laughter, studies now suggest.

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