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Cigar Smoking for Newbies

Comments Off on Cigar Smoking for Newbies 23 April 2014

We get a lot of questions from people who want to learn how to begin cigar smoking. This comprehensive guide is for newbies planning to smoke their first cigar.

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Five Benefits of Cigar Smoking

1 Comment 02 April 2014

There are a lot of reasons to love them good cigars… “What I like most about cigars is simply sitting and talking with other men… Some of the best conversations I’ve ever had with men have been over a cigar.” ~Jim Belushi, Actor

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Introducing Davidoff Nicaragua

Comments Off on Introducing Davidoff Nicaragua 25 June 2013

I was invited along with 150 others to be introduced to, and experience, the new cigar for the first time. I have now smoked several of these cigars in all three sizes and I can tell you that they are excellent in construction, draw, flavor, and consistency. But of course, why would anyone expect anything less from a Davidoff cigar smoking experience?

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Famous Faces that Helped Define the Cigar Smoking Experience

3 Comments 31 May 2013

While other tobacco products like cigarettes and chewing tobacco fell victim to anti-smoking campaigns, the cigar has remained firmly entrenched in popular culture. The popularity and iconic status of the cigar can be attributed, in part, to the fame and status of the people who smoke them.

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Nine Food Pairings

Comments Off on Nine Food Pairings 18 March 2013

There are some standard foods that are considered a traditional pairing. Food photographer, Kyle Dreier, does a brilliant job of illustrating eight of them here. We couldn’t help ourselves and added the ninth.

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National Smoke a Cigar Day

Comments Off on National Smoke a Cigar Day 06 March 2013

Today, March 6th, is National Smoke a Cigar Day. In response to onerous taxation, the looming threat of over-regulation, and ever-increasing public demonization, we are asking all brothers and sisters of the leaf to join in. It doesn’t matter what stick you choose, just grab one of your favorites and light ‘em up!

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How to use different types of cigar cutters

Comments Off on How to use different types of cigar cutters 18 February 2013

Knowing how to cut a cigar is important, because a bad cut can damage a cigar and ruin how it smokes and tastes. Here is a step-by-step guide to cutting a cigar with a common guillotine cigar cutter, cigar scissors, V-cutter, and a punch cutter.

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Stogie Tip: Take Time to Smoke

Comments Off on Stogie Tip: Take Time to Smoke 24 August 2012

Smoking has a sedative effect upon the nerves, and enables a man to bear the sorrows of his life (of which everyone has his share) not only decently, but dignifiedly. ~George Burrow | Find the time. If need be, grab some booze and/or company, but just do it.

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Smoke to the Glory of God

Comments Off on Smoke to the Glory of God 10 July 2012

“I wish to say that I’m not ashamed of anything whatever that I do, and I don’t feel that smoking makes me ashamed, and therefore I mean to smoke to the glory of God.” ~C.H. Spurgeon

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A fine cigar is like a fine woman

Comments Off on A fine cigar is like a fine woman 26 June 2012

A fine cigar is like a fine woman. They come in all shapes and sizes. Treat them tenderly and lovingly. Caress their skin, admire their beauty, fondle them with reverence. Bring them slowly to your lips…

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The cigar is a great resource ~ Quote

1 Comment 21 June 2012

The cigar is a great resource. It is necessary to have traveled for a long time on a ship to understand that at least the cigar affords you the pleasure of smoking. It raises your spirits.

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Four reasons not to quit smoking cigars

Comments Off on Four reasons not to quit smoking cigars 18 June 2012

Smoking is a personal statement, and that statement is independence and flair. Ayn Rand once said of smoking, “Fire, a dangerous force, tamed at his fingertips.” Smoking exudes sophistication and an ability to relax and enjoy life. These are the people you want to hang out with, not dull teetotalers.

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