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10 Health Benefits of Beer

2 Comments 07 May 2012

Beer drinkers rejoice: Your favorite brew may be healthier than you think. For years, wine drinkers have indulged without guilt, reveling in the news that red wine can help protect against heart disease. Recent research shows that beer can also be good for what ails you. It can even increase longevity.

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Booze, Health Benefits, Heart Health, Hypertension, Wine

Are There Health Benefits Associated with Wine?

Comments Off on Are There Health Benefits Associated with Wine? 24 April 2010

Research carried out in Mediterranean countries found that persons who had diets full of fat had very low bad cholesterol, high good cholesterol and very low blood pressure. The key reason behind that was taking limited amount of red wine regularly. Two antioxidants namely resveratrol and flavonoids that are present in the skin and seeds of grape fruit are used for a chemical change process stay as the reason behind it.

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