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Flaviar Will Send You Booze

Comments Off on Flaviar Will Send You Booze 20 October 2015

Spirits tasting club, Flaviar is a subscription service that helps members discover new liquor products through sample tasting packs sent to their homes.

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10 Health Benefits of Whiskey

Comments Off on 10 Health Benefits of Whiskey 14 January 2015

Whiskey is one of the best alcohols you can drink. Not only is it the least likely to give you a hangover, but it’s also one of the healthiest around.

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Know Your Whiskey: The Difference Between Bourbon, Scotch, Rye, Irish

1 Comment 21 April 2014

I can’t tell you how many times someone has asked me “What’s the difference between Scotch and Whiskey”? I’ve concluded that the majority of the people in the world really have no idea what makes whiskey whiskey, Scotch Scotch and Bourbon Bourbon. This article explains it simply.

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How to Cook a Turkey in 20 Easy Steps

Comments Off on How to Cook a Turkey in 20 Easy Steps 22 November 2012

Step 1: Go buy a turkey; Step 2: Take a drink of bourbon, scotch, or whiskey; Step 3: Put turkey in the oven… Happy Thanksgiving!

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Christopher Hitchens on the Grape and the Grain

Comments Off on Christopher Hitchens on the Grape and the Grain 15 August 2012

An excerpt from Christopher Hitchens’ memoir, ‘Hitch-22' — Alcohol makes other people less tedious, and food less bland, and can help provide what the Greeks called entheos, or the slight buzz of inspiration when reading or writing. …here are some simple pieces of advice for the young

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The Single Malt Whisky Flavour Map

1 Comment 03 January 2012

The Flavour Map will help you choose a single malt whisky based on its taste. Developed by some of Scotland’s most experienced professionals, the map demonstrates that – when it comes to flavour in a glass of whisky – all single malts can be plotted on a simple grid.

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Golf: The Greatest Sport

Comments Off on Golf: The Greatest Sport 19 July 2011

Have you ever wonder why there are 18 holes? Why do full-length golf courses have 18 holes, and not 20, or 10 or an even dozen? Well, there are many theories, myths and stories. This one may or may not be true, but it is the best story…

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Scotch Whisky in a Can… Why Not?

1 Comment 18 January 2011

It’s now possible to get Scotch Whisky in a can. That is unless you’re in the USA. A Panamanian liquor company is now ‘bottling’ whisky in a can. The company, Scottish Spirits, is the first to put straight whisky in a can…

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28 Words That Don’t Exist in the English Language

16 Comments 12 January 2011

I love to take the time to choose the ideal words when I’m writing something, but sometimes the perfect word to describe something doesn’t exist in the English language. The following 28 words do not have direct equivalents in English. Some of them would definitely be useful if they existed in English.

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Johnnie Walker: Marc Herremans

1 Comment 14 December 2010

If your reality changes your dreams don’t have to. ~Marc Herremans (Johnnie Walker: Keep Walking)

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World’s Most Expensive Whisky to be Auctioned in November

1 Comment 28 September 2010

On November 15 in New York Sotheby’s will auction off a one-of-a-kind crystal Lalique decanter holding the oldest and rarest Macallan single malt ever bottled, expected to fetch at least $150,000 making it the world’s most expensive whisky.

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Longevity Secret: Good Genes & Good Booze

1 Comment 02 July 2010

"What is the secret to a long life?" Aggie Fenton (Age 105): "Work hard and drink good booze." Aggie has been drinking 3 beer and a shot of Scotch each day for almost 70 years. Living a long life may have more to do with DNA than what you eat or drink, researchers said.

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