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Here’s to your health: Alcohol consumption may support immunity

0 Comments 29 April 2014

alcohol, consumption, Drinking, Drinking Alcohol, support immunity, immunity, immune system

Those who enjoy drinking daily may be doing their body some good by helping support their immune system. Recent studies have shown that moderate alcohol consumption may strengthen the immune system and could even improve the body’s ability to fight infection.

One recent study, published in the journal, Vaccine, by researchers at the School of Medicine, University of California, showed that moderate drinking could also improve the body’s response to vaccinations such as the flu vaccine.

For the study the researchers trained 12 rhesus macaques to consume alcohol on their own accord after vaccinating them against small pox. They were then provided access to 4% alcohol and the other group had access to sugar water. They all had access to normal water and food.

Over a 14-month period they were vaccinated again and the scientists found that their voluntary alcohol intake varied, as it does in humans. So they were divided into two groups – heavy drinkers and moderate drinkers. The moderate drinkers demonstrated an enhanced vaccine response.

Another study found that moderate drinking could provide protection from the common cold. The study, by the Department of Psychology at Carnegie Mellon University, was conducted in 1993 with 391 adults.

Like the old Irish proverb says, “What whiskey will not cure, there is no cure for.”

Proving what Sir Alexander Fleming said on March 22, 1954, when asked about a cure for colds, “A good gulp of hot whisky at bedtime… it’s not very scientific, but it helps.”

alcohol, consumption, Drinking, Drinking Alcohol, support immunity, immunity, immune system

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