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Logic and Beer

1 Comment 19 July 2013

Logic, beer, humor

A woman asked a guy in a bar, “Do you drink beer?”

“Yes.” He replied.

“How many do you drink per day?” She asked.

“Usually, about three.” He answered.

“How much does each beer cost?” She continued.

“About five dollars each, including the tip.” He responded.

“How long have you been drinking?” She asked.

“Approximately twenty years, I guess.” He replied.

“So each beer costs five dollars and you drink three beers a day. That means you spend $450.00 per month on beer. In one year you spend $5,400.00.” She calculated.

“Sounds about right.” He said.

“Therefore, if you’ve spent $5,400.00 per year for the last twenty years, you have spent a total of $108,000 on beer, correct? She continued.

“Correct.” He agreed.

“Do you know that if you didn’t drink so much beer, and if you had put that money into a compound interest savings account for the past twenty years, you could have enough money now to buy a Ferrari?” She concluded.

“Do you drink beer?” The man asked.

“No.” The woman answered.

“Where’s your Ferrari?” He quipped.

Ferrari, LaFerrari

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