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Health benefits of having lots of sex

2 Comments 31 July 2013

Health benefits of having lots of sex

As more research is being done, more discoveries are being made on the importance and benefit of sex. Study after study now links sex to a healthier and longer life. Dr. Irwin Goldstein, the Director of Sexual Medicine at Alvarado Hospital, says, “If you check out the latest research the only conclusion you can make is that it’s healthy to get involved in sexual activity.”

When you have lots of sex, stress is reduced and blood pressure is lowered. When you experience an orgasm, oxytocin is released which helps in calming down the nerves. The effects of cortisol a stress hormone are counteracted by oxytocin according to studies. Sex also makes you have a good sleep. After a steaming sexual activity he rolls over and falls asleep; this is not just due to physical exhaustion but the oxytocin that has been released has helped him calm down and promoted the sleep.

Women should encourage their partners in having lots of sex because they reap bigger benefits from this by preventing breast cancer. Goldstein studies show that “women who have vaginal intercourse have lower risk of getting breast cancer compared to those who do not.” Goldstein added, “this is pretty interesting and exciting and more studies needs to be done.”

Sex helps reduce pain and cures headaches. The hormone oxytocin that is produced during sex aids in reducing pain. According to a study published in the Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine, an experiment was carried out on a few volunteers whose fingers were pricked. Those who had inhaled oxytocin only felt half of the pain as compared to those who did not.

tumblr_mkraw7dbAA1qzxg13o1_500When you have lots of sex you reap psychological benefits too. After sex that feeling of walking on cloud nine lasts for a longer time than one thinks. A healthy sex life makes a person have a long-term satisfied mental health and boosts honesty and intimate communication, according to Goldstein. Lots of sex helps people express themselves better. Alexithymia a personality trait associated with inability to express or understand an emotion is less likely to be found in people who have lots of sex. Thus sex helps in boosting self-esteem and improving the mood.

According to a number of studies, pregnant women who have had enough exposure to the semen of their partner prior to conception are less likely to have preeclampsia a condition where hypertension arises during pregnancy. Dutch biologists in 2000 conducted tests that confirmed that women who have oral sex regularly have significant reduced risks of getting preeclampsia and those who swallowed the semen have even a more reduced risk.

Sex is also associated with an improved sense of smell. It has been a known fact by scientists for a long time that hormone prolactin is very high after an orgasm in both men and women. According to discoveries made by a team of Canadian researchers in 2003 that carried out an experiment on mice, new neurons in the smell center of the brain, the olfactory bulb are developed by stem cells that are triggered by prolactin. One of the researchers, Dr. Samuel Weiss says that, memories that are part of mating behaviors are forged by high levels of prolactin after sex.


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  1. Very interesting 🙂 Not that we need a reason! But it’s great information!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. mary says:

    Here I go, I didn’t want to ask but I need answers. I am 64yrs old, my partner is 49; he is a diabetic @ 2yrs. We have been together for 4.5 yrs. I think I have a real problem, I’m horny all the time. He walks around the house naked every single day! He says he’s tired & has a lot of pain throughout his body. Yes I do have a toy & use a lot. I have been seeing my ex once/twice a month to have sex! But feel guilty. My friend who is 70 says well you got to take care of you! What do u think???

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