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Who’s More Satisfied in the Bedroom?

Comments Off on Who’s More Satisfied in the Bedroom? 26 April 2013

The results of a new study may surprise you.

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You may have heard the old joke: Who enjoys sex more the man or the woman? The woman of course. Look at it this way, when your ear itches and you put your little finger in it and wiggle it around, what feels better, your finger or your ear?

Well, now there’s a study to back this up. Researchers recently asked men and women to report their feelings of sexual satisfaction in the bedroom.

We often think that men enjoy sex more than women do. After all, women tend to take a longer time to reach orgasm and only 30% of women reach orgasm from intercourse alone. However, a new UK study has found that women actually report more satisfaction in the bedroom than men do.

Researchers at Benenden Health surveyed men and women regarding their feelings about love, sex and marriage. They found that women were more likely to report satisfaction with their sex lives and their relationship, while men were more likely to report being satisfied with their looks and their body image.

The study also found that married couples were more likely to be happier than single men and women.


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