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The art of the kiss

1 Comment 03 April 2013

kiss, kissing, The art of the kiss

“So often over-looked, so often passed up haphazardly in a rush to some invisible finish line. A missed opportunity to truly connect. To drink in the scent, the taste, and the warmth of that person. We have sped past a moment where hands control and draw in lips, patiently awaiting pressure, moisture and tingles.

Take time and revive the old way… the way to instantly make her heart overflow with passion and desire. The way to say so much with saying anything at all.”

Make outs aren’t just for horny teenagers. Kissing your mate passionately can supercharge your sex life at any age. Oxytocin (the love hormone) and Testosterone (sex hormone) levels increase significantly after just 20 seconds of kissing. Reignite the passion: Look at her like you did the first time, hold her hands, hug her close, and give her a 20-second kiss.

kiss, kissing, The art of the kiss, 20-second kiss, Reignite, Desire

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1 comment

  1. ebenezer says:

    with all those typos you must really mean it

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