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11 cynical proverbs about love

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Broken heart

Sure, love is wonderful, but sometimes it can be… complicated. Cultures all over the world have captured the hard lessons of love in the tiny, polished nuggets of wisdom we call proverbs. These 11 cynical proverbs about love won’t make you feel warm and fuzzy, but they show that everyone, everywhere, has had it bad at some point.

1. Polish
“First love is like a snake; if it doesn’t destroy you, it will paralyze you.”

2. German
“You can suffer without love, but you can’t love without suffering.”

3. Avar, Russian caucasus
“Yield to the desires of your body, then endure the disasters that follow.”

4. Haua, Nigeria/Niger
“When the heart gives orders, the body becomes its slave.”

5. Russian
“Love has wings on its shoulders; matrimony has crutches under its arms.”

6. Punjabi, India
“There are a thousand miseries in one love.”

7. Italian
“He that marries for love, dies miserably of anger.”

8. Russian
“Love is like a nettle that stings badly.”

9. Spanish
“Love is like soup, the first mouthful is very hot, and the ones that follow become gradually colder.”

10. Malagasy, Madagascar
“Love is like seaweed: you go to her, she leaves you, you leave her, she follows you.”

11. Arabic
“The promises of the night, made of butter, melt when the first sunrays appear.”


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