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Five Great Bourbons Under $25

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Some days you’re looking for some good bourbon, but you don’t have a lot of money to spend. You want something that is good enough to enjoy neat, but cheap enough to use in a cocktail. For just those occasions, here’s list of five great bourbons under $25.

Corner Creek Single Barrel BourbonCorner Creek Reserve Bourbon Whiskey
The same character flows through to the bourbon itself. Corner Creek Reserve Bourbon Whiskey is aged a nice eight years and bottled at 88 proof. That leads to a relatively gentle drinking experience light on burn or much alcohol taste. In fact, you get smokey sweet bourbon with a very full finish that will keep you coming back for more. Read the full review here.

Bulleit BourbonBulleit Bourbon
Bulleit is distilled based on a recipe that has been in the Bulleit family since the 1800′s. They used to distill and sell to the public, but that ceased by the turn of the century. Lucky for us all, the Bulleit family passed the recipe through the generations even when not actively distilling. In 1987, Tom Bulleit restarted production and released the product on the market in the late 1990′s. Bulleit Bourbon is somewhat unique based on the high rye content in its mash bill (28%). The rye adds some spiciness both to the aroma where it pairs nicely with vanilla and in the taste where it blends with oak and honey. This is an incredibly smooth, succulent bourbon with a dry finish. Read the full review here.

Cyrus Noble Bourbon WhiskeyCyrus Noble Bourbon Whiskey
Ever since we heard about this bourbon, we’ve been eager to try it. It was our lucky day when the fine folks at Haas Brothers sent us a bottle to sample. According to other sources, the mashbill for this bourbon is 75% corn, 20% rye, and 5% malted barley. This large amount of corn really shines through in the vanilla and caramel flavors that pervade throughout. Cyrus Noble Bourbon Whiskey is incredibly smooth, especially given that it clocks in at a full 90 proof. Read the full review here.

Evan Williams Single Barrel BourbonEvan Williams Single Barrel Bourbon
Evan Williams Single Barrel, simply put, is good but not great. It generally tastes like a bourbon that has spent a lot of time in a barrel and what you’re immediately hit with is the taste of said barrel. Not that this is a bad thing. It is what it is. Read the full review here.

Elijah Craig 12 yr BourbonElijah Craig 12 yr Bourbon
Because of the time spent in barrel, Elijah Craig 12yr has a much darker, richer color than younger bourbons with a delicious smell to match. When it comes to flavor, this bourbon is quite oaky with just a hint of something citrusy coming through at the end. Read the full review here.

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