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7 Health Benefits of Sleeping Naked

2 Comments 16 November 2012

Although some people shun the idea of sleeping naked all together, it is healthy and it improves one’s quality of life. Listed below are seven reasons to confirm these words of wisdom.

1. Natural pain reliever
Clothes restrict blood circulation; hence shedding that artificial skin is good for stimulating the same. It helps in eliminating tension and discomfort from the abdominal viscera nerve region and even relieves waist pain. Those tight elastic bands do little good in sleep and hence should be loosened for a sound comfortable sleep. Medical research has shown that sleeping naked is good for those suffering from insomnia as it has a comforting effect on them.

2. Sebaceous glands stay happy
Sleep is not a complete no-activity state, but a lot more than we can imagine. The organs are at work and so to improve their productivity it is important that we don’t put pressure on them by way of clothes. It is said that bare skin absorbs more nutrients than with clothes on. Going naked will streamline and accelerate the repair process of the skin. A healthy, uninterrupted airflow will help in the process. Sleeping naked allows the sebaceous glands to work best, which is sebum discharge and regeneration. This in turn helps in improving the metabolic rate of the body.

3. Protects privates
That wet feeling can be a little discomforting in women and can increase the possibility of infection. Sleeping naked increases ventilation to these areas makes them comfortable and helps them stay dry, thereby, avoiding all chances of fungal infection. For men, it has also been found to increase fertility by keeping the testes at adequate temperature and retaining the sperm quality too.

4. Enhanced lifestyle
Tired or feeling uneasy? Try going naked! A hectic day at work still at times doesn’t give that sound sleep that we cherish at the end of the day. However, sleeping naked can ease the tension and help in giving you that adequate dose of sleep. It relaxes the body and helps in a comfortable sleep. As a result, people wake up refreshed and remain energetic all day along.

5. How to improve sleeping pattern
Try and take a bath to be germ free. Make sure that the temperature and humidity in the bedroom is adequate, in order to avoid catching a cold. Transform that bed into something fluffy so that the drape feels good on your bare skin.

6. Promotes weight loss
Dr. Oz’s guest, Dr. Natasha Turner said that you can reset your fat loss hormones by sleeping naked! Sleeping naked can help melt your fat because it helps your body to cool down. As your body cools down while you sleep it releases fat burning hormones. The hormones also rebuild skin cells, bone cells, and muscle cells as you sleep, promoting weight loss along with pleasant dreams. On the other hand, constricting pajamas or heavy weighted blankets can keep you from cooling down, meaning those hormones aren’t released as they should be. (The Dr. Oz Show Tuesday, November 13, 2012)

7. Makes you feel good and promotes intimacy
Sleeping naked increases the feel-good bodily hormones within the brain and contributes in conditioning emotional connections together with closeness between lovers. It produces a hormone calledoxytocin, which is mainly made via skin-to-skin contact. This hormone decreases pressure so you steer clear of swift changes in moods and perform better in the daytime. Additionally, it promotes sexual interest therefore making more intimate occasions between partners.

Though considered unmentionable by some, the benefits of sleeping naked should be discussed with your spouse, if you’re not already enjoying the experience. People may think the idea ridiculous, but we challenge you to try it and find out for yourself how much more comfortable sleeping naked can be.


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2 Comments so far

  1. Munna says:

    Have to try !

  2. Ngabirano Visensio says:

    That’s why I do it every night.
    Gat no worries to sleep naked.

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