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Comments Off on For the Gals 11 October 2012

We have been featuring ‘Happy Thong Thursday’ every Thursday since April 7, 2011. Along the way we started posting a picture of a sexy guy on Twitter after the Thong Thursday post to be ‘fair and balanced’ for all the women who love us too.

Every week after the sexy guy post we received messages about what was wrong with the guy. Not all negative, but some. It would be like: too much hair, too smooth, too muscled, too wimpy, etc. This week for the first time we are offering a compilation of sexy guy pictures. We hope you find one that tickles your fancy.

Let’s keep the discussion going gals. Leave your comments. Thanks. Enjoy…

Hi Honey, I’m home.

Shower curtains not allowed

Big guys need showers too

She wants in too

He likes what he sees

Save water; shower together

Inspect to make sure he’s gotten all the soap off

Who’s cooking you breakfast?

A happy house wife

He loves your ass

Anyone can be passionate, but it takes real lovers to be silly. ~Rose Franken

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