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2012 Presidential Debates Drinking Game

0 Comments 03 October 2012

The 2012 Presidential Debates are finally here, which means it’s time for the drinking games! Stock up on your favorite beverages and drink along with us, as we lament the fact that a better candidate was not allowed to join the debates.

Drink if either candidate:

• Addresses his opponent in the 3rd person
• Compliments his opponent’s personal life or family
• Ignores a question by addressing the audience
• Argues with the moderator

Drink if Barack Obama:

• Says, “Let me be clear”
• References ‘Bain Capital’
• Blames the pervious administration
• Says, ‘Millionaires’ or ‘Billionaires’

Drink if Mitt Romney:

• Touts his plan to create 12 million jobs
• Says, ‘entrepreneurs’ or ‘small business’
• Brings up Ronald Reagan
• Says, ‘private sector’

Special Rules:

• If a candidate goes over their allowed time, CHUG UNTIL THE HOST STOPS THEM.
• If either candidate says, ‘Romneycare’ or ‘Obamacare,’ RAISE YOUR DRINK; the last player to raise their drink must finish it.
• FINISH YOUR DRINK if Obama brings up Romney’s ‘47%’ remarks.
• FINISH YOUR DRINK if Romney brings up Obama’s ‘doing fine’ gaffe.

Upcoming Presidential Debates

October 3 – Presidential Debate
Barack Obama – Mitt Romney
Moderated by Jim Lehrer
Topic – Domestic Policy

October 11 – Vice Presidential Debate
Joe Biden-Paul Ryan
Moderated by Martha Raddatz
Topic – Domestic & Foreign Policy

October 16 – Presidential Debate
Barack Obama – Mitt Romney
Moderated by Candy Crowley
Format – Town Hall

October 22 – Presidential Debate
Barack Obama – Mitt Romney
Moderated by Bob Schieffer
Topic – Foreign Policy

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