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Love your body and he will too

7 Comments 13 July 2012

Tell a girl she’s beautiful; she may believe it for a moment, but tell a girl she’s ugly; she’ll believe it for a lifetime. More likely if you tell her she’s beautiful, she’ll say you, “No, I’m not.” Unfortunately, girls are learning at a young age that beauty is something it’s not. They are too easily accepting the socially accepted idea of beauty and their body image becomes distorted. I have seen many beautiful women look in a mirror and dislike what they see. If y’all women could see yourself through my eyes, you would truly see how beautiful you really are.

According to the 2006 census, United States has over 300 million people with 155 million being female. Recent studies also tell us more than 62% of American women today are a size 12 and above; this represents about 96 million women.

Now consider this simple question: If 62% of women are size 12 and above, why aren’t they considered the normal size, instead of ‘plus sized’?

Furthermore, when surveyed men prefer curvier gals. When tested by looking at comparison images; the largest percentage of men preferred the size 12-14 women (38.8%) to the size 6-8 women (10.7%). In fact, curvy women, size 14-18, came in second (25.5%).

Learn to love the body you’re in and your guy will too, hell, he probably already does. Let yourself love it too.

This is what a normal young woman looks like, and she is beautiful.

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7 Comments so far

  1. talon says:

    Seriously why do we as humans spend half our time and resources getting people to eat healthier, trying to combat the growing health issue of obesity. Then we spend the other half trying to make women feel like its ok to be unhealthy. Why is it still called plus sized? Because it IS bigger than they should be at a HEALTHY body weight. Yes you can tell them they are still beautiful, which they are, but it is NOT OK or HEALTHY to be overweight. Stop this “make everyone feel good nonsense right now” most people that think they are “normal” are overweight, most that think they are overweight are actually obese, most that think they are obese are morbidly obese. Ask a medical professional

  2. david says:

    “It’s unfortunate what we find pleasing to the touch and pleasing to the eye is seldom the same.”

  3. Scott says:

    Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about! I love a natural woman.

  4. ElleJo says:

    Overweight does not automatically mean unhealthy. I exercise regularly and participate in 5, 10, and 20ks. The scale won’t budge, but all my other numbers are excellent. It is frustrating, but I am healthy.

  5. gagarine says:

    “If 62% of women are size 12 and above, why aren’t they considered the normal size, instead of ‘plus sized’?” It’s not a secret than the majority of Americans are overweight.

    Say that I agree the normalization of the beauty is arbitrary and create a lot off frustration. This image problem is just a the point of the iceberg: we are frustrated, manipulated… work/eat/sleep/buy without any reasons make us empty and we compensate on bad food.

  6. Hatsu says:

    @talon: Not everyone who’s considered plus-size is overweight and not everyone who’s overweight is unhealthy. Things like fitness level, body fat percentage, height, and age all play into what is considered a healthy weight for an individual. This is why size/weight stigmas (among other things) can be very misleading and detrimental to women’s self-worth (hence the horrifying increases in the number of cases of eating disorders in the past couple decades).

    The point is not to ignore health risks, as anyone will agree that obesity needs to be addressed, but to help women realize that they shouldn’t hold themselves to the “ideal” body size/type/image presented by popular media. I can lose as much weight as I want but I’ll never have a body like say, Penelope Cruz, because our bodies are just DIFFERENT.

  7. Aaron says:

    If this is true, why are you only using skinny women as your models???

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