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The Lines on a Solo Cup are Measurement Marks

8 Comments 06 June 2012

Nothing says party like red Solo cups, but did you know that the lines on a Solo Cup are measurement marks?

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  1. quade says:

    I call bs on the supposed 1 oz line. Prove it. In fact, prove all of it, don’t just show me a graphic and claim it. Prove it.

  2. Anon says:

    Quade rocks. They can’t prove it, they spit all sorts of bs bro. but i can see you knew this already.

  3. Kriston says:

    We teach this in a campus health lecture on alcohol safety, but I have never found a source that the bottom dash is 1 shot of liquor. If you could please list your resource, that would be appreciated.

  4. David Voth says:

    Prove it to yourself… It’s easy fill a 1 oz shot glass and drop it into the solo cup.

  5. VA says:

    To the people shooting their mouth off about it being fake who are not only too lazy to go pour an ounce of water into a solo cup but also too lazy to google it:

  6. TheWhosWho22 says:

    The “wine” line is actually 3 ounces measured by 2 standard 1.5 oz shots poured from a glass purchased at Spencer Gifts. Check it!

  7. Quade is an Idiot says:

    Quade says prove it?!? How the fuck is that supposed to happen on a site where input is anonymous? Here’s an idea: Hey Quade, you short dicked moron… Got to the cupboard in your trailer and try it out… What a jackass.

  8. The last person I spoke with thought the marks where there to improve grip to the cup! Don’t get me wrong, no one wants to drop their drink – but it did make me laugh!

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