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The cigar is a great resource ~ Quote

1 Comment 21 June 2012

“The cigar is a great resource.

It is necessary to have traveled for a long time on a ship to understand that at least the cigar affords you the pleasure of smoking. It raises your spirits.

Are you troubled by something? The cigar dissolves it.

Are you subject to aches and pains (or bad temper)? The cigar will change your disposition.

Are you harassed by unpleasant thoughts? Smoking a cigar puts one in a frame of mind to dispense with these.

Do you ever feel a little faint from hunger? A cigar satisfies the yearning.

If you are obsessed by sad thoughts, a cigar will take your mind off of them.

Finally, don’t you sometimes have some unpleasant remembrance or consoling thought? A cigar will reinforce this.

Sometimes they die out, and happy are those who do not need to relight too quickly. I hardly need to say anything more about the cigar, to which I dedicate this little eulogy for past services rendered.”

~The Duc de la Rochefoucauld-Liancourt

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1 comment

  1. mercadeo says:

    Nevertheless, because a cigar is a plant product, the tobacco will continue to morph and evolve (even if very slowly) over the course of years. Though cigar tobacco has undergone much fermentation at the factory, there will still be micro-fermentation in the tobacco, which will rid the tobacco of some of the by-products of fermentation. Ammonia and other compounds can make the flavor of the tobacco acrid and unpleasant until they have dissipated. Thus, longer aged cigars will often mellow due to the reduction of these chemicals.

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