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Eye Contact

2 Comments 03 June 2012

Eye contact is simply a meeting of the eyes between two people. It’s an important form of nonverbal communication.

For the one who’s being looked at, eye contact sends a message, signaling acknowledgment, connection, and attention, signaling something, like empathy. Being seen is like being felt. It’s nice to be acknowledged.

Some people, however, struggle to make eye contact with others. Failing to make eye contact suggests to some that you’re shy; to others, it indicates rudeness or boredom.

Alas, for some women eye contact is something they are never going to experience… ever. These women are all struggling to make eye contact without success. We sympathize with their plight in life.

Eye Contact Test

Look Directly into this woman’s eyes. How long can you last?

Your Comments

2 Comments so far

  1. Ali says:

    lmao in all those pictures we all know where the eye contact is. Also that picture of Hilary Swank and the nipples that high is a joke.

  2. r. Clinton says:

    made me rock hard – delicious

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