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Our Distorted Perception of Beauty

2 Comments 29 May 2012

Is there any wonder why our perception of beauty is so distorted? The truth is that advertising and glamour magazines couldn’t care less about what you and I think looks beautiful. They have a weird god complex and they have taken it upon themselves to try to mold our perception of beauty. Unfortunately, their images of beautiful women are not real; computers manufacture them all.

Here’s a quick look at the process…

Start with a naturally beautiful woman


Add make up


Give her a glamorous hairstyle


Take her picture & start to manipulate it


Photoshop it


Photoshop it some more


Put the result on a billboard


Regardless of the current socially constructed ideas of ‘beauty,’
there will always be someone who thinks you’re beautiful
whether you believe it or not.

Your Comments

2 Comments so far

  1. talon says:

    Yes everyone is beautiful. You always get a trophy, no one ever loses. Its ok to be fat. Sorry no. Some people are ugly. If there is a winner, there is always a loser. Being fat is bad for your health, its not ok. Sheesh such a pussy feelgood world. We are not fucked up due to magazines concept of beauty, we are fucked up because we tell everyone that everything is ok!

  2. munawar ali says:

    wow so nice work ali from pakistan and change a normal girl into a super model so happy i saw it thanks

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