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What If?…

Comments Off on What If?… 12 March 2012

Wife goes to bed and her husband decides to watch a bit of Internet porn, but what if…?

What If? is a rollercoaster of sketches that show funny snippets of our lives. Each episode consists of approximately twelve unique sketches. Each sketch in What If? begins with the question “what if?”

The Dutch “wat als Je vrouw je door had?” translates to “what if your wife had you by?” in English.

The sketches are alternately played by an ensemble of twelve renowned actors, known for theater and television: Marcel Musters, Ronald Snijders, Tina Brown, Roeland Fernhout, Michael Nooter, Annet Malherbe, Kasper van Kooten, Kees Boot, Sieger Sloot, Jelka of wood, Vincent and Max Croiset van den Burg.

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