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Shit People Say to Bartenders

1 Comment 27 March 2012

Bartenders are a special breed of cat.
They are more than mere dispensers of alcohol, if that was the sum of their worth they would command the same paycheck as a liquor store clerk. No, a bartender bears a much heavier burden—he is alchemist, host, entertainer, psychiatrist, enforcer, surrogate kin, social enabler and the keeper of the hearth. To a drunkard, he is no less than the gatekeeper of paradise.

People say some crazy stuff to bartenders, especially when they’re drunk. Think you’ve got a cute line? Experienced bartenders have heard it all. (Example: “Do you do the mixology here?”)

“The hard part about being a bartender is figuring out who is drunk and who is just stupid.”
~Richard Braunstein

Cast: Brian Bogulski, Kelly Brady, Kiowa Bryan, Christian Correa, Annamarie Davidson, David Kupchinsky, Rob Lindo, Mia Mastroianni, Troy Murray, Brian Stewart

Written by Jason Bran and Kiowa Bryan
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Produced by Jason Bran, Kiowa Bryan, and John Lawniczak

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