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How to tie a cherry stem in your mouth

1 Comment 07 March 2012

Want to learn a flirting skill?

I still remember the first time I saw a woman do this. I was in Bermuda at a bar with a business friend and she ordered a drink with a cherry. As we were talking she flirtingly put the cherry in her mouth and a few seconds later she removed the stem tied in a knot. Now a few other people noticed her do it and she was asked to do it again. Before long she had the attention of every guy at the bar.

The story is mine; the illustrations are form the book Show Me How.
Here’s how to tie a cherry stem in your mouth…

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1 comment

  1. Nathan says:

    Bahaha! What I do is get two cherries, leave one by my glass and tie the other by hand and pop the tied stem in my mouth discretely. Then ask if she can tie the stem in a knot. When she can’t, she’ll ask if you can. That’s when you wink at her and put the untied stem in your mouth, swish around a bit to put on a show and produce the previously tied stem with the other tucked in your cheek.

    More fun can be had if you get more cherries. Teleport the tied stem to an assistant’s mouth or chain them together to really impress. 😉

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