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How Beer Saved the World (Infographic)

Comments Off on How Beer Saved the World (Infographic) 26 March 2012

No matter what your beer of choice, from the classiest can to the tastiest tap, you should know that the beer you enjoy has left a long legacy in its wake. Mankind has enjoyed beer since ancient civilization, but its uses go far beyond simply enjoyment. Beer has had a powerful impact on medicine, scientific discovery, commerce, and culture. From the earliest of ales, beer has influenced ancient Egypt, medieval Europe, and even America, as we know it. Without everyone’s favorite adult beverage, the world today would look a lot different. So next time you raise your glass, stop and ask, without beer, where would we be now?

The following infographic highlights some really interesting facts about beer. Did you know that Egypt’s pyramids were paid for in beer, and that Egyptians baptized their children in beer? That the annual beer consumption is about 22 gallons per person? And that Americans drink enough beer each year to fill 330 oil tankers? Learn even more beer facts…

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