What does your cigar say about you?

1 Comment 01 February 2012

Cigars can speak. And the attentive ‘listener’ can learn much from them about their owner. The way people hold their cigar can reveal much about their characters and moods.

In the early nineteen twenties an issue of the Italian almanac, Il Tabacco, contained an interesting column under the heading Sigaromanzia–twelve positions of the hand holding the cigar with captions showing the psychological characteristics of the smoker.

The Italian psychologists of the last century were, apparently, right. At the request of Garo Habano Fine Cigars, a number of modern experts conducted a similar experiment and came to approximately the same conclusion. So take a closer look at the people you talk to, and maybe you’ll find out something about them you didn’t know before.

A fine orator, a good psychologist

A loner, an opportunist

Cheerful, sociable, self-willed

Elegant, imposing

Hard, egoistic

Mistrustful, skeptical

Practical, vengeful

Quiet, decisive

Sensible, fair-minded

Temperamental, irritable, but a man of his word




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1 comment

  1. Uche Anaba says:

    My cigar says am a simple , sensitive and inteligent person.

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