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Making the Perfect Bloody Mary [Infographic]

2 Comments 24 February 2012

The Bloody Mary is probably the most popular vodka-based cocktail in the world. The perfect Bloody Mary is more than just vodka and tomato juice. There are many variations of this tempting drink; however, here is a very clever infographic that you can use the next time you crave a Bloody Mary.

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More Tips

Here are a few more tips from for the next time you’re blearily mixing up your favorite hangover cure.

  • Make each Bloody Mary fresh. Much like Charlie Sheen, Bloody Marys are chemically “highly unstable,” and so quickly become less delicious.
  • Use plenty of ice. It helps slow that unwanted chemical breakdown.
  • Add fresh ingredients. Even if you use a mix, they’re necessary to enhance the aroma and therefore the taste.
  • Use good juice, not good vodka. This isn’t rocket science: Juice makes up the majority of a traditional Bloody Mary, so it’s important that it tastes good. The vodka, on the other hand, is overwhelmed by all the spices, so you’ll barely taste it.

Your Comments

2 Comments so far

  1. Eliana says:

    buurrrpp! yum

  2. Greg says:

    All very good tips.I would offer a suggestion: Try using gin instead of vodka. The botanicals in gin really allow all the other flavors to come through. A dash of mustard powder gives it a nice snap too. Cheers!

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