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Five Rules for Introducing Someone to Cigars

Comments Off on Five Rules for Introducing Someone to Cigars 22 February 2012

We like smoking cigars so much that we can’t understand why everyone doesn’t do it. I often recommend that friends and acquaintances try a cigar, sometimes successfully, sometimes not. I’m sure many of you do the same.

Now, we all know smoking cigars is pretty simple. Mostly, it’s step 1: light up, and step 2: enjoy. But there are some steps that can help you make a friend’s first smoke a fine and memorable occasion.

1. Size
For an introductory smoke, it’s best not to go too large. Newbies should be introduced with a preview of premium tobacco, not a two-hour commitment. Opting for a smaller size, such as a petit corona or Rothschild, increases the odds of a pleasurable experience.

2. Construction
Chose a cigar that you know draws well and burns easily. A first-time smoker is best served by never having to worry about relighting or drawing hard. A cigar that maintains a tight ash is also a good idea.

3. Setting
I recommend visiting a great cigar shop, but other places can work equally well. Just be sure it’s a spot to relax and have a cigar as part of an enjoyable occasion. Pairing the smoke with a favorite drink almost certainly will enhance the appeal.

4. Strength
While conventional wisdom is to go with a mild stick, I recommend a medium-bodied cigar. With a mild cigar you run the risk that the new smoker won’t really taste much of anything and wonder what the heck it’s all about. And a full-bodied powerhouse is likely to end poorly.

5. Simplicity
Avoid spouting off dos and don’ts. (OK, one reminder not to inhale.) Focus on making sure they realize that smoking cigars is about enjoying yourself and, frequently, enjoying the company of others who like it just as much. It’s not about rules.

Cigar smoking knows no politics. It’s about the pursuit of pleasure, taste, and aroma.

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