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Real Women Have… Bodies

Comments Off on Real Women Have… Bodies 31 January 2012

Curvy women are real women. Skinny women are real women. Women who have had boob jobs or lip enhancements or liposuction are still real women. Size 0 may make no sense mathematically, but a woman who wears that size is as real as the one who wears a size 16. What makes us “real” people is not the shape of our flesh but our basic humanity. And we lose our humanity when we judge – not when we lose weight, gain weight, or make the intensely personal decision to undergo cosmetic surgery…

Women who diet are still real women. Women who gain weight are still real women. Women who can barely fill an A cup are “real” women – and women who’ve had breast enlargements are still “real.” If we want to change the way girls feel about their bodies, we need to stop using the divisive language of “real” versus “fake.”

The girls and women you know in your life, whether you envy them or pity them, love them or hate them, are all real. The images in the magazines may be fake, but behind those images are women with real bodies, real hearts, and real emotion. And even the most beautiful women can be hurt by cruel words.

~Hugo Schwyzer


What’s Your Shape

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There are seven typical body types:
1. Diamond or Oval shape
2. Triangle shape
3. Square or rectangular shape
4. Round or apple shape
5. Hourglass shape
6. Inverted Triangle shape
7. Pear shape

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