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20 Foxy Women Over 40

11 Comments 30 November 2011

In this day and age we never keep anything for very long. That’s because the new and improved model is being tested as the current model is being introduced. It seems this is often true with how we treat our lovers/wives too.

But, that wasn’t always the case. In 1745, Benjamin Franklin wrote a letter to a friend on choosing a mistress. In it, he encourages his friend to marry. Failing that, Franklin says, his friend should “prefer old women to young ones.”

I love all women, but on this point I’m a bit like Ben Franklin; I prefer the older ones. I have been married to my wife, who is twelve years (11.5) older than me, for nine years. We celebrate our anniversary on December 14th.

This article, inspired by our love of older women, illustrates that women over 40 aren’t just functional, they’re hot, foxy, babes that are the prize and not the consolation. Therefore, if you’re married to a 40+ gal cherish her and don’t go looking for a ‘newer’ model.

Here’s our pick of 20 of the foxiest women over 40…

Julia Bowen (b. March 3, 1970 ~ age 41)

Sofia Milos (b. September 27, 1969 ~ age 42)

Jennifer Lopez aka J.Lo (b. July 24, 1969 ~ age 42)

Robin Meade (b. April 21, 1969 ~ age 42)

Catherine Bell (b. August 14, 1968 ~ age 43)

Lauren Graham (b. March 16, 1967 ~ age 44)

Daisy Fuentes (b. November 17, 1966 ~ age 45)

Salma Hayek (b. September 2, 1966 ~ age 45)

Halle Berry (b. August 14, 1966 ~ age 45)

Elizabeth Hurley (b. June 10, 1965 ~ age 46)

Kristin Davis (b. February 24, 1965 ~ age 46)

Diane Lane (b. January 22, 1965 ~ age 46)

Marisa Tomei (b. December 4, 1964 ~ age 46)

Monica Bellucci (b. September 30, 1964 ~ age 47)

Sandra Bullock (b. July 26, 1964 ~ age 47)

Demi Moore (b. November 11, 1962 ~ age 49)

Gina Gershon (b. June 10, 1962 ~ age 49)

Nigella Lawson (b. January 6, 1960 ~ age 51)

Ellen Barkin (b. April 16, 1954 ~ age 57)

Kim Basinger (b. December 8, 1953 ~ age 57)

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11 Comments so far

  1. Stacey Dash not on list? says:

    How do you have this list and not have on Stacey Dash? gotta be top 3 at worst for hotties over 40.

  2. Singewulf says:

    No Famke Janssen? *cry*

  3. David Voth says:

    Can you be more specific? What is horrible? It’s hard to take your comment seriously when it’s just one ill-thought word.

  4. yq says:

    Omg jennifer aniston is not in???she’s super duper hot!!!

    and also courtney cox!!

  5. andyinsdca says:

    No Wendy Burch?

  6. asdfghjkl says:

    Why am I not here?

  7. David Voth says:

    I don’t know why. Who are you?

  8. Max says:

    I am 63 and my wife since 1973 is 68. She is great in bed but looks her age at least, and I can’t help looking for women with a better appearance. Don’t feel good about it, seems unfair, but can’t avoid looking…

  9. Hellokitty says:

    Great list…but missing my fave… Kristin D.’s Sex in the city sister Kim Cattral 🙂

  10. T'Gator'Brown says:

    Incredible all… fine wine and older women what’s not to like, especially these women!

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