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Myths and Facts About Sex in the USA ~ Infographic

Comments Off on Myths and Facts About Sex in the USA ~ Infographic 26 October 2011

Take a look through the peepholes and see the truth behind the myths people are saying about sex in the USA.

The facts from this infographic restated:

The facts in this infographic are very easy to read, but here they are again, worded in a different way.

  • People pretty much everywhere in American have the same amount of sex, which counters the theory that people in big cities do it more.
  • Not as many American teenagers are having sex, as you would think.
  • There may be more gay women in America than gay men.
  • European kids don’t necessarily have more sex than American kids; they are just safer about it.
  • Women are more proactive about contraception than the myth leads us to believe.
  • Men are pretty serious about birth control.
  • Men care more about their partner’s pleasure than the stereotype indicates
  • American Internet use is 50% devoted to sex in one way or another. So much for saying Americans aren’t sexually adventurous.
  • Americans are pickier about their sexual partners than the rest of the world thinks they are.
  • Only 75% of American men are interested in having a threesome, instead of the 100% that is assumed.
  • The average sexual encounter lasts 5-10 minutes. Hardly any guy can go all night long.
  • American men cheat on their wives mainly because they don’t feel like their wives care, not because they think they have the right to cheat.
  • America is more uptight about infidelity than other countries.
  • Americans have almost as much sex as French people, who have the most amount of sex.

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