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The 12 Types of Drunkards

Comments Off on The 12 Types of Drunkards 22 August 2011

1. The fake drunk: the person that has one cruiser and decides to stumble and slur all over the place.

2. The happy drunk: the one that can’t stop smiling laughing and dancing in an uncoordinated manner, usually gets lots of free alcohol as they provide plenty of entertainment for all those around.

3. The I love you drunk: the one that confesses their undying love for everyone “I lobe you so mufchfd,” usually ends in embarrassment.

4. The ‘I have emotional problems when drunk’: characterized by an intense sobbing in the corner, usually accompanied by mascara running down the face and a vow never to drink again.

5. The pass out drunk: you probably didn’t even see this person as they were already on the floor before you got to the party.

6. The booter: can’t handle copious amounts, and/or awkward combinations, of alcohol and ends up with a date with the toilet, if they make it.

7. The angry drunk: this person fires up like foil in the microwave at anything or anyone that gets in their way.

8. The horny drunk: this person is on anything or anyone that moves or doesn’t.

9. The silent drunk: refuses to open their mouth, usually stares at inanimate objects.

10. The invincible drunk: thinks they cannot die or get injured, tends to end up on the roof claiming they can fly.

11. The forgetful drunk: the person who no matter what, will fail to remember the night and anything they may have or may not have done or said.

12. The drunk texter/tweeter/caller: reads their sent items in the morning and says “shit.”

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