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What is the origin of the term ‘booze’?

1 Comment 13 July 2011

There are a number of stories about the origin of the term ‘booze.’ However, in the USA the term came from a whiskey distiller whose last name was Booz.

The slang term is derived from the surname of a Kentucky distiller named E. G. Booz, who during the 1840’s sold whisky in bottles stamped E. G. Booz’s OLD CABIN WHISKEY. The bottles bore the imprint of E. G. Booz and were blown in log cabin-shaped bottles at the Whitney Glass Works in Philadelphia.

Back then the term was used to refer to hard liquor, but today the term is generally used to refer to any alcoholic beverage.

E.G. Booz’s Old Cabin Whiskey Bottle

“A name so famous it has become part of the English Language”

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1 comment

  1. wallybert says:

    I heard about in a freshman History lecture. Another related bit of trivia, it was made quite popular by the touring politicians giving away free whiskey to get people to attend their “debates”.


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