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Grand Touring Vodka

Comments Off on Grand Touring Vodka 25 April 2011

We tested Grand Touring Vodka a couple of weeks ago. I really liked it, but as you may, or may not, know I am a bourbon fan. Therefore, I put this vodka to the test with a group of my friends that are true vodka connoisseurs. The verdict… They absolutely loved it. One comment they all made was how incredibly smooth it was.

How do they get it that smooth? Well, GT Vodka is distilled 6 times using a proprietary filtration process that zeros out all the impurities. To prove the purity of their vodka, they sent us a copy of the Gas Chromatography Test run on Grand Touring Vodka and eight other premium vodkas. The results showed zero parts per million of Acetaldehyde, Methanol, Ethyl Acetate, N-propyl, Iso-butyl, Acetic acid, Active Amyl, and Iso-amyl, for GT Vodka, not so for the other vodkas.

There are two main benefits of drinking a vodka pure of impurities:
1. Impurities are what give vodka the burn/bite that you many expect from various brands. What you notice when sipping GT Vodka is that, while maintaining the smell/taste of vodka (as it should), it is smooth on the front end & finishes clean. and…
2. The impurities listed above are the leading cause of hangover. Therefore if you’re drinking vodka with no impurities you should have no day-after regrets.

This vodka is so smooth you can truly drink it on ice alone; it’s a vodka with true drinkability.

You may not have heard about Grand Touring Vodka yet. Heck, it’s not even for sale yet in Texas, but it’s coming soon. If it’s available in your liquor store we recommend you get some and try it for your self.

Back of the Bottle: A Great American tradition begins with Grand Touring Vodka’s handcrafted vodka. We combine the finest grains from America’s heartland with clean, crisp waters. Column distilled six times and filtered through activated stone carbon, Grand Touring Vodka presents unmated smoothness and quality. The bounty of our labor is in your grasp, so let it pour.

GT Vodka and Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s #88

GT Vodka sponsors Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s #88

• Official Vodka of Daytona International Speedway
• Official Vodka of Dover International Speedway
• Official Vodka of JR Motorsports

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