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Katya Cigar Art Diva

1 Comment 28 April 2011

Katya Belinsky creates Art depicting Cigars, Booze, and Sexuality. The idea came to her while visiting a Cigar Lounge when attending the Art Institute in London. Her love of smoking Cigars was born, and then translated into colorful, sexy, fun art works that has been selling all over the World.

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The April Thong Collection

3 Comments 28 April 2011

Each Thursday afternoon we unveil a Happy Thong Thursday photo on Twitter and Here are the thongs we featured in April 2011. Enjoy!

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Solution to the Overpopulation of the Planet

1 Comment 27 April 2011

In just over one minute comedian Ron White, Zino Platinum Ambassador, enlightens us of a simply yet brilliant plan to stop the over population of the planet, told as only Ron can. Enjoy the audio.

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Maximize Her Pleasure Above the Waist

5 Comments 25 April 2011

Any woman knows that most men love breasts. From your stash of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issues to the way you ogle our chests in low-cut tops, it’s obvious that you like to look. So, tell me: If you love breasts so much, why do you so often neglect or manhandle them during sex? The truth is, that while our breasts may be a pleasure to behold, they’re even more of a pleasure to a woman when held and caressed correctly.

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Grand Touring Vodka

Comments Off on Grand Touring Vodka 25 April 2011

A Great American tradition begins with Grand Touring Vodka’s handcrafted vodka. GT Vodka is distilled 6 times using a proprietary filtration process that zeros out all the impurities. This vodka is so smooth you can truly drink it on ice alone; it’s a vodka with true drinkability.

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Drunk Valet

Comments Off on Drunk Valet 24 April 2011

An experiment to increase awareness about drunk driving. They put a different valet to park the customers’ cars: a drunk one. So, as people refused to give up their keys, they delivered a message in the parking ticket: NEVER LET A DRUNK DRIVER TAKE YOUR CAR. EVEN IF THAT DRIVER IS YOU.

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Masturbation Facts and Statistics ~ Infographic

3 Comments 22 April 2011

Choking the chicken, tickling the pickle, spanking the monkey… whatever you want to call it, masturbation is a pretty common practice these days. The following infographic from reveals 13 very interesting facts and statistics about masturbation.

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Beach Girls – Rio de Janeiro

Comments Off on Beach Girls – Rio de Janeiro 21 April 2011

The greatest selection and largest amount of tasty looking buttocks are still found in Brazil. On the beach to be exact...

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Sexual Activity Calorie Counter

4 Comments 18 April 2011

It has been known for many years that Sex is good exercise; however, no scientific data of the caloric expenditure of various sexual activities had ever been quantified. Now after some “dubious” research the results are in…

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The Six Girls You’ll Date in College

1 Comment 18 April 2011

Your mileage may vary, but the six girls you’ll date in college are: The athletic one, the one who likes to party, the one who goes to church, the dumb hot one, the friend, and the perfect one.

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What Women See vs. What Men See

5 Comments 12 April 2011

Experts agree that men and women are very different, not just physically but mentally and emotionally, too. Men and women even see and imagine some things quite differently. Given the following job terms women see the person performing the job significantly different than a man sees it.

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Reasons to Like Beer, According to 7-Year-Olds

1 Comment 11 April 2011

A handful of 7-year-old children were asked what they thought of beer. Some interesting responses, but the last one is especially touching.

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