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Bangkok Taxi Rules

Comments Off on Bangkok Taxi Rules 30 March 2011

No Sex, No Drugs, No Wine, No Water Buffalos

It is well known around the world that Thailand is popular place for prostitution. In fact, it is responsible for a significant percentage of their tourism trade. Sex tourism is such a fact of life in Bangkok that taxis go so far as to place symbols in their windows outlining unacceptable behavior. The signs go from the standard no smoking signs to no drinks, no sex, and no water buffalos allowed. It’s hard to believe that backseat sex in a taxicab was such a common occurrence they needed signs outlawing it, but as you see below that’s how Thailand rolls.

NO FARTING? How can farting be outlawed? Maybe they mean don’t make loud farts?

From left to right (as viewed by someone getting into the car):
DVD Karaoke available, No smoking allowed, No drinks allowed, No knives or guns allowed, No sex allowed, No Durian allowed, No dogs allowed, No water buffalos allowed.

Please, if you have a water buffalo with you, hail another taxi.

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