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It’s National Drink Wine Day!

1 Comment 18 February 2011

It’s Friday and it’s National Drink Wine Day, two reasons to drink wine today. So, if you need an excuse to drink, now you have two.

Pop the cork and enjoy a glass of your favorite vino in honor of National Drink Wine Day!

Some would say, “Isn’t every day drink wine day?” However, for those that need to justify drinking wine there is a long list of benefits besides the simple pleasure. Drinking a glass or two of wine a day makes your heart healthy, reduces forgetfulness, helps you lose weight, helps prevent bone loss, boosts your immunity, reduces stress, and increases libido!

Wine has been produced for thousands of years around the world. From classical Greece and Rome to the modern day, it’s no wonder why the art of making wine has been perfected over the years. Evidence of the earliest European wine production has been uncovered at archaeological sites in Macedonia, dating back over 6,500 years ago! In China, traces of crushed grapes were also found that dated from the second and first millennium BC.

Factoid: There are over 20 million acres on Earth dedicated to growing grapes to make wine.

Celebrate National Drink Wine Day

If you are not sure how to celebrate National Drink Wine Day, we can help…

1. select a bottle of your favorite wine
2. uncork it
3. pour yourself a big glass of it
4. say cheers to those around you
5. drink the wine and enjoy as normal
6. when your glass is empty, fill and repeat

Enjoy and have a great National Drink Wine Day! Spread the news!

Who else is celebrating National Drink Wine Day…
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