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Daily drinkers are 54% less likely to have a weight problem

2 Comments 21 February 2011

A lot of research on alcohol indicates that one drink a day can help protect against stroke, coronary artery disease, dementia, and more. Indeed, some studies suggest that drinking in moderation can actually help deflate a beer belly: In a recent study of 8,000 people, Texas Tech University researchers determined that those who enjoyed a daily drink were 54% less likely to have a weight problem than teetotalers. Between one and two drinks a day results in a 41% risk reduction. However, the study says, consumption of three or more daily drinks increases your risk of obesity.

If you can limit yourself to one or two a day, then you can get the health benefits without too many extra calories.

How many calories in a 12-ounce beer?

Clicking on the glasses below will take you to a chart from the shows the calories, alcohol, and carbohydrate content of U.S. domestic and imported beer.

Imported Beer

Domestic Beer

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  1. Briz says:

    I love stories like these. If only I could ever have…..”JUST ONE DRINK.”

    Damn, it just tastes so gooooood.

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