The Best Hangover Cure, According to Scientists

2 Comments 18 January 2011

Scientists say that coffee and aspirin is ‘best hangover cure’ after all. Forget hair of the dog, honey on toast or raw eggs… the solution is simply drinking coffee and taking aspirin.

They found the caffeine in coffee and the anti-inflammatory ingredients of aspirin reacted against the chemical compounds of ethanol, or pure alcohol.

Ethanol brings on headaches due to a chemical acetate it can produce and even low doses can affect some people more than others, said the study.

Professor Michael Oshinsky, of Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, induced headaches in rats using small amounts of ethanol. He then gave them doses of caffeine and anti-inflammatories to find it blocked the acetate and relieved the headaches.

Oshinsky told the journal New Scientist, “None of the commonly cited causes of hangovers could have caused this response.”

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So next time you feel like this ↓  …Make a pot of coffee and take some aspirin.

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  1. Apparently there is an old Irish hangover remedy that involves burying the afflicted person up to the neck in moist river sand.

    Are scientists sure about the best method 🙂

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