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Booze, Drugs & Sex Facts ~ Infographic

1 Comment 31 December 2010

If you’ve ever been drunk or high, you know what it’s like to be inebriated and horny. It’s fun to drink and have sex, but be smart… if you’re drunk don’t drive & when you have sex be safe.

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Sex = F(un)

3 Comments 29 December 2010

A mathematical proof that Sex is Fun…

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Cocaine Bear Athletic Supporter

1 Comment 29 December 2010

THE COCAINE BEAR doesn’t give a damn about your picnic basket. He just wants you to give him a few bumps then he’ll be on his way. A regular on the party scene for nearly 30 years, he’s befriended some of the biggest stars in sports—and been behind many of their scandals.

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30 Creative Condom Advertisements

2 Comments 28 December 2010

Condom manufacturers are at a slight disadvantage compared to manufacturers of other products. They can never show their product being used in the way it was intended or demonstrate it in any way. Therefore, they have to be more creative in the their advertising. Here are 30 examples of their creativity.

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Beers Filling Up Through the Bottom!

1 Comment 27 December 2010

Bottoms Up! Bottoms Up Dispensing System® is the world’s fastest beer dispensing system. It fills at a rate of up to 9 times faster than traditional beer taps. Video on their website shows a demonstration of 44 pints of draft beer filled by one-person in one-minute.

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Why Santa Didn’t Answer Your Letter

1 Comment 24 December 2010

Have you ever wondered why Santa didn’t answer your letter? Well, this might answer the question…

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A Man’s Best Friend

2 Comments 20 December 2010

A real woman is a man’s best friend. She will never stand him up and never let him down…

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Saturday Night Live: I Just Had Sex

1 Comment 20 December 2010

Lonely Island and Akon sing an anthem for anyone who just had sex.

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Men in Red are More Attractive to Women, Research Shows

4 Comments 18 December 2010

“When women see red it triggers something deep and probably biologically engrained,” explains Elliot. “We say in our culture that men act like animals in the sexual realm. It looks like women may be acting like animals as well in the same sort of way.”

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Porn Laws Around The Globe

1 Comment 17 December 2010

Porn laws around the globe - Free porn or not so free? Did you know Australian female adult-film stars have to have B-cups or bigger? Or that Brazil requires porn actors to wear condoms? The following infographic shows some of the different porn laws around the globe…

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The Zoom Lens

1 Comment 16 December 2010

The zoom lens, originally invented and patented in 1902 by Clile C. Allen, is an amazing piece of photographic equipment that allows you to shoot pictures from a natural view all the way down to most minute detail. Scroll down to see this amazing example.

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Chris Rock on Marriage and Sex [NSFW]

1 Comment 16 December 2010

It’s a classic, but it’s still as funny as it ever was. Although it’s very funny, there is some truth here too. Chris Rock aptly explains what the state of your sex life is like after you’re married…

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