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It’s Always Halloween at Walmart

1 Comment 12 November 2010

By Ron Rieger, Contributor

19 funny pictures of people wearing what could be a costume, but probably isn’t…

So is the first hog his wife? And his other hog is your wife? If you don’t ride a Harley, what else could it mean?

This is what is known as an oxymoron. A statement that contradicts itself.

Wonder how difficult it is to pick out the driver of this vehicle inside a typical Walmart?

Wow, when the Walmart deli says their chicken is fresh, they really mean it.

Keep digging sweetheart, you’re bound to find it in there somewhere.

If beer turns you into an asshole, you were an asshole to begin with. You’ll just be a drunk asshole now.

She must spend a lot of time at the gym. She’s ripped!

What every other mullet in the world aspires to be…

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, please pick up your hair!

Now this is truth in advertising! It’s bad alright.

That’s the worst bank teller I’ve ever seen.

Has anyone else ever mistaken an aisle in Walmart for a freakin’ beach? I’m just saying…

Now this is one inventive one-piece. Luckily, they hang so low that a waist high garment is sufficient.

Really? You couldn’t find one piece of clothing that fit? Not even one?

Where in the world would you be hiding if you were wearing this camouflage? Richard Simmons garden?

That’s the weirdest rash I’ve ever seen…

Blame what? The ankle bracelet? The dark roots? The Daisy Dukes?

The worst shoplifter yet.

Please, please, let there be one there in his size.

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