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Wile E. Coyote Finally Gets the Road Runner

4 Comments 06 October 2010

Wile E Coyote has spent 20 years trying to catch the high-speed Road Runner, without success. At last, in this episode he finally gets it done. But now what?

Coyote gets Road Runner

“Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy” Die, Sweet Roadrunner, Die

Directed by
Greg Colton

Writing credits
Seth MacFarlane (creator)

Seth MacFarlane (story)

Seth MacFarlane (teleplay)
Andrew Goldberg (teleplay)

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4 Comments so far

  1. TimD says:

    Was funny until the last 3 seconds. I’ve really had my fill of TV taking jabs at Christians. If we started beheading people and burning houses down in the name of God then I bet they’d stop… no, no – I KNOW they’d stop.

  2. ConnorL says:

    To “TimD”
    I’m pretty sure that if Christians started burning down houses and beheading people cartoons wouldn’t be at the top of people’s agenda. Nevertheless, if this were to happen, more cartoons and the such would be making jabs at Christians. Think about all the terrorist based humour, think about the old (and new) cartoons that actively take a jab at people like Hitler.

    I’d like to say, also: Turn the other cheek. And if God has a plan for everyone, surely he planned people to make these cartoons and the such?
    Mainly though: Is it very Christian to go around killing people (If you ignore the Crusade, obviously.)

  3. yoteech says:

    It’s a joke folks…lighten up…nothing gets more of us to avoid any religion like one who’s members have no sense of humor!

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