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International Sake Day – October 1st

1 Comment 01 October 2010

October 1 is the 5th annual observance of International Sake Day. Sake Day is not yet as well known as St. Patrick’s Day (March 17th) or Cinco de Mayo (May 5th); however, it sounds like as a good reason as any to have a party and drink some sake.

According to TY KU Asian Wine & Spirits, one of the best known sake makers in the world, the sake is the oldest known spirit in the world, first produced in China in 4800 BC.

According to TY KU, there are several major misconceptions surrounding the drink:

False: Sake needs to be heated.
True: In fact premium sake should be served cold. Low-quality sake is heated to mask impurities.

False: It is a rice wine.
True: Sake is brewed like a beer, yet has legs like a wine.

False: Sake should be sipped in traditional sake cups.
True: Traditionally, Sake is enjoyed in stemmed wine glasses.

False: Sake is only consumed in Asian restaurants.
True: Sake complements any cuisine due to its depth and it’s ability to be mixed with other liquors.

Tradition holds that a person must never pour his or her own sake. So make a date and enjoy some sake.

What to learn more about sake? Visit, a site devoted to sharing the appreciation, knowledge and joy of Japanese Sake.

Nichiei Sake Production Process

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