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1 Comment 30 October 2010

Re-taste your youth. At 40 proof.
Some things get better with age. Like chocolate milk.

“Booze is grown-up milk and cookies…”
~Lorelai, Gilmore Girls

Adult Beverage Company introduces a grown up spin on the beloved classic, a vodka beverage called Adult Chocolate Milk. Sold in a retro-chic glass bottle with a swing top closure, the pour and serve drink is creating a unique niche in the beverage category.

The Big Idea

Tracy Reinhardt, a busy mom of two, created the delicious adult version of her favorite classic drink in her kitchen. After updating her Facebook status to: “Tracy Reinhardt is enjoying some Adult Chocolate Milk!” friends began inquiring about the recipe and where they could get it. “When I created Adult Chocolate Milk, I did not want to be like every other vodka on the market. I’m no mixologist, so I didn’t want to have to buy several bottles or ingredients, I wanted a truly delicious pour and serve drink!”


With more than 300 competing brands of vodka in the marketplace, the retro feel and flavor is quickly making a name for itself in the industry. Co founder Nikki Halbur adds, “It’s in a class of its own…Adult Chocolate Milk has no direct competition and in a world full of flavored vodkas, maintains a whimsical, creative brand that allows consumers to remember the tastes they all loved back in the day, but now with a ‘grown up version’.”

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