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Skittles Vodka

Comments Off on Skittles Vodka 25 September 2010

Want something different for your next party? Try Skittles Vodka. You can’t buy it in the liquor store, but you can make it. It’s easy.

1. Buy a king sized bag of Skittles and at least 1.75 liters of Vodka.

2. Open the Skittles and separate all the colors.

3. Put the color matched Skittles in separate bottles and fill them up with Vodka.

4. Shake the bottles and let stand for about a day.

5. The bottles will all change to the color and flavor of the Skittles, but there will be sediment in the bottom of the bottles due to the candy.

6. Put a coffee filter in a funnel and pour each of your Skittle infused vodka bottles into the funnel and strain out the sediment.

7. Now you should have something that looks like this. Party on!

If you would like a detailed step-by-step Tutorial, there is one at Mix That Drink: Skittles Vodka Tutorial

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