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Why we like smoking cigars

6 Comments 25 August 2010

Cigar smokers all have there own unique reasons why they enjoy the pastime of cigar smoking. Many of the reasons are similar; however, it’s great to read what each of my cigar-smoking friends likes best about our shared passion for the leaf. In the end, there’s an understanding amongst us. “Any cigar smoker is a friend, because I know how he feels.” ~Alfred de Musset

Yesterday I posed the following question to my cigar loving friends on Twitter: “What do you like about smoking cigars?” The following is a collection of their replies, along with each person’s avatar and Twitter name. Click on the Twitter name to go to their page and follow them:

“The companionship – smoking cigars relieves stress – allows one to relax and enjoy discussion free of politics, religion and work.”

“What I like the most about cigars is the social aspects as well as the ability to piss off people at random when I’m enjoying a fine smoke.”

“I only smoke them on special occasions, so I like that they’re for the good times; they make me smile.”

“They’re long, dark and smell like my father. Wait. We’re still on the topic of “cigars,” right?”

“The thoughts of the burning cigar. Which gets a grab of lips first and then gets buried in the dust!”

“Cigars: They force me to slow down, savor the moment, and take a deep breath. You cannot hurry a cigar.”

“Cigars are great! Relaxing, great social activity, altered mind state. Good times!”

“I like that the big intimidating world seems so quaint & conquerable when behind the haze of a smooth exhale of cigar smoke.”

“I enjoy the time of smoking cigars, because that means, I am not in a hurry! I also enjoy the casual conversation taking place.”

“I like smoking cigars because it is better than not smoking cigars!”


“My favorite thing about a cigar is that first initial light and puff… then exhaling all the stress from the day in one fantastic moment. Also, picking up the cigar as I smoke my drive 300 yards down the center of the fairway.”

“I like it when people around me stop smoking cigars and switch to sex and booze instead.”

“There are many things to like: from relaxation, to a sense of power, camaraderie to solitude. The cigar can be part of any.”

“un cigare c’est beau à regarder” (Translation: a cigar is beautiful to watch)


“Smoking a cigar is like meditation for me; it’s a point of focus that simulates all of my senses, taste, texture, smell, sound, everything.”

“I like the brotherhood/sisterhood and friendship that comes from being a cigar aficionado.”

“Smoking a cigar reminds me of the moments and people in my life that I have shared a smoke with/at.”

“Is there anything better than lighting a good victory cigar?”


“They make you look cool while you smoke them… seriously they make you look like you’re kinda a big deal.”

“What I like about cigars is that they make you stop, relax and enjoy the moment. You don’t smoke a cigar, you experience it.”

“What I love about smoking cigars is the full experience: sitting back, relaxing & savoring the taste among friends.”

“I like the taste of a good cigar & the buzz you get. Nothing beats a good cigar buzz & the fact that you can drink scotch with them!”

“I like the relaxation that cigars give me. I enjoy the look, aroma & feel of cigars. I respect the heritage of cigars & the people who make them.”

“The Chad loves the taste of a cigar–especially when it’s held in my mouth by a hot Danish supermodel.”

“I enjoy the relaxation, the camaraderie of other cigar smokers, and of course the taste of a premium cigar.”

“It’s good to smoke a cigar and chat about how to right all the wrongs of the world!”

Watching the smoke dance out of a cigar is like watching a woman dance out of her dress.

Sublime, beautiful & sensual… describes the smoke dancing from the end of a fine cigar.

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6 Comments so far

  1. Greg Simonds says:

    I only smoke cigars on special occasions. Like on days that end in “y”.

  2. Joe McGaha says:

    A cigar is a pleasure of all the senses. The smell of the tobacco…the taste of it, the feel of it on your lips, and the sight of a well rolled cigar. Oh…and the sound as you light it, and puff in the flavorful plumes of smoke. 🙂

  3. Jodi Hughes says:

    i only smoke when am stressed or angry or bored .. av been smoking since i was 11 now am 21 and i hate it so much. its smelling and discusting av tryed stoping but does not work ! But Sometimes i Love A Good Fag in The Morning , But Hey What Can You Do 😉


  4. Tom Ufer says:

    Great comments everyone! Thanks for letting me participate.

  5. Sandalbar says:

    I smoke expensive, hand rolled, imported cigars so I don’t have to vote Republican.

  6. Joe "Whit" says:

    I Love the whole experience of smoking cigars. It’s a very manly thing that my Dad loved and taught me how to enjoy.

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