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Awkward Morning After a One Night Stand

Comments Off on Awkward Morning After a One Night Stand 24 August 2010

One Night Stand (2010) Directed and produced by Jack Tew and Dave Humphreys

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Jack’s 160th Birthday Bottle

Comments Off on Jack’s 160th Birthday Bottle 23 August 2010

Jack Daniel's is celebrationg Jack's 160th with Mr. Jack’s 160th Birthday bottles. They're releasing this distinctive black bottle at the beginning of September.

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What does love taste like?

1 Comment 20 August 2010

Responses from people on Twitter who answered the question: “If love was a taste, how would you describe it?”

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Booze makes you clever, having none makes you stupid

4 Comments 19 August 2010

New study carried out by boffins in Scandinavia. Results: Moderate wine consumption was independently associated with better performance on all cognitive tests in both men and women. While alcohol absence was associated with lower cognitive performance in women.

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Study: Girls Like Giving (and Getting) Oral Sex

1 Comment 19 August 2010

Whatever the reason, a new study reveals that oral sex is occurring a lot more often. The study informs that 50% of women between 18 and 25 view oral sex as less intimate than intercourse and over 30% say they felt powerful performing fellatio.

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Interview on the Street: I Have No Secrets

1 Comment 17 August 2010

Interviewer: Your hat? Is this your secret to staying warm? Woman: No. I have no secrets. I'm mad, I have to go to work, I have to earn a living. I'd rather…

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Jokes: Six Affairs

1 Comment 16 August 2010

Six affair jokes

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