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Jack’s 160th Birthday Bottle

Comments Off on Jack’s 160th Birthday Bottle 23 August 2010

Jack Daniel’s is celebrating Jack’s 160th Birthday with special Mr. Jack’s 160th bottles. They’re releasing this distinctive black bottle at the beginning of September.

The Jack Daniel’s 160th Birthday Bottle is a testament to Mr. Jack’s dedication and craft as a whiskey maker. Jack Daniel set high standards for his whiskey and always paid close attention to the details. Jack Daniel’s wanted this bottle to exhibit the same craftsmanship.

The design was chosen because of the powerful use of black and the contrast of the silver stamping, black matte finish and gloss embossing. The filigree and the use of silver & red accent colors bring a birthday party feel to the bottle. And since Jack Daniel loved parties, we’re sure he’d approve!

The Jack Daniel’s 160th Birthday Bottle will be available in stores all over the US and in many international markets and is shipping right now. So look for it at your favorite retail location! It’s the perfect centerpiece to a Back Jack party – not to mention a once in a lifetime collectible. After all, Mr. Jack will only celebrate his 160th birthday once!


As a friend of Jack Daniel’s, you probably don’t need convincing, but here are seven good reasons to keep in mind when talking to others about why they should Back Jack!

No. 1 – The World Knows Jack – He’s one of those rare Americans whose name is recognized and respected in more than 135 countries.

No. 2 – A Century Later and He Still Has Groupies – Hundreds of thousands travel each year to the tiny Tennessee town Jack called home while millions more raise his name around the world.

No. 3 – It Could Only Happen In America – Mr. Jack lived the American Dream. Starting with nothing to his name, he worked hard and rose to national prominence. His recipe for success was simply “Every day we make it, we’ll make it the best we can.”

No. 4 – Hey, He’s with the Band! – Jack’s work has been featured by name in countless movies, plays, books and popular songs.

No. 5 – There’s a Little Jack in Each of Us – Admiration and appreciation of his life’s work has been a force in drawing together people from all walks of life.

No. 6 – He’s Gone But His Spirit Lives On – Mr. Jack’s business has thrived for nearly a century and a half, even though it was directly threatened by our nation’s great historic crises – the Civil War, the Great Depression and World Wars I and II.

No. 7 – He’s a Solid Party Man – Jack is a supporter of all parties. His only platform is responsible drinking.

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